Thurlby Cross Roads. The Bell Inn on the left as built close to the road. The Five Bells with its original front and the Horseshoe. The Royal Mail cart with driver Mr Toulson. C1905/1906

Thurlby Cross Roads.
The Bell Inn on the left as built close to the road. The Five Bells with its original front and the Horseshoe. The Royal Mail cart with driver Mr Toulson. C1905/1906

On this website you will find all sorts of interesting information about the village of Thurlby and the hamlet of Northorpe. Over time, as new houses have been built, these have joined together as one village

 There is information on its history and its people.

The website is very much a work in progress, and I am always looking for new information to put on it.

I hope you enjoy your visit.


Memory Chest

We now have in church a memory chest – this has been donated in memory of Claire Jocelyn Bostock who passed away in 2012.IMG_8722

In this chest are the files of research carried out on the Men Who Didn’t Return from WW1. These files are for all to read.

If you can give us any further information on these men we would love to hear it. The research will continue. Please do not remove the files from the church

7 Responses to WELCOME TO OUR VILLAGE…….

  1. janet hopewelll says:

    Just spent the day at the church looking at the photos and WW1 stories. A big thank you to all who organised it and the Lincs family history society and church for providing records and information. Lovely tea and sandwiches at the Hall as well, brilliant.

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Janet
      Thank you its lovely to hear from you,so pleased you enjoyed it – we had a great weekend with lots of lovely comments. All the information for the exhibition was from our research group in the village. Janet our Vicar wanted to research the WW1 Memorial and so she formed a group to do so, we have all been working since April to find out about the “men behind the names” – this is ongoing. The lovely old registers dating back to 1560 were recalled by St Firmin’s Church, from Lincolnshire Archives, just for the weekend.

  2. tracy coulson says:

    i am really sorry to hear about st firmins church, i spent many happy years ther and in the hall with my grandparents . i was wondering if you had map/chart of the grave yard that i could have a copy of as many of my family are buried there and would like to archive in detail excactly where they are buried and how they are linked. by the way you website is really interesting .i may be able to ask my dad for some local stories about the area as he was brought up in thurlby and lived on church street.
    regards tracy

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Tracy I am pleased you enjoy the site. Any stories you can provide would be great, if your father is happy about it I can put them on the website it may remind others of life in the village.
      I will send you some churchyard information by email.

  3. Meg Bond says:

    Hello, and what a wonderful website this is – congratulations from an avid ancestry researcher who wishes more towns had sites like this one! I am in Australia and currently researching the GRAVES family that lived in Thurlby between 1824 -1844 (that I know for sure, it may be longer). Job and Mary Graves had 10 children there between those years. Job Graves is listed as a farmer on census records, and I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of farm he may have had there. Or any information you can give me on this very large family of Thurlby would be much appreciated. I believe Job died quite young (in his 40’s) and wonder if there’s any record of how he died, (beside my presumption that his very tired wife may have knocked him over the head with a frying pan after the 10th child!), The photo on your website may very well be their family!
    Kind regards,
    Meg Bond

    • MaryT says:

      Hi Meg, thanks for your kind remarks. I will come back to you as soon as I get a chance to have a look for you.Regards Mary.

      • MaryT says:

        Hi Meg, I have had a look at all of our transcripts and I can find no record of any family named GRAVES. I wonder if the Thurlby you are looking for is the Thurlby near Lincoln- there are three in Lincolnshire! We are usually named in the archives as Thurlby by Bourne. Let me know what information you have which makes you think it is Thurlby by Bourne. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.Regards Mary

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