The Remembrance Service this year at St Firmin’s Church was for us something special, not only was it the 100 year anniversary of the start of WW1 but it was a service where we came to know more about those men in the village whose loss we remember.

Last November Janet (our Vicar) decided she would like to find out more about the men of the village lost in WW1 and WW2, for the men to be more than a list of names at this years service.

Since January a small group of us have been researching the men named on our memorial and it has been both interesting and very moving to discover more about them, their lives and the village at that time.  Our Remembrance Service was interspersed with short biographies of some of the men and and our Roll of Honour was presented as a short film presentation.

It was an extremely full service with over three hundred attending, we feel that to all, the fallen men of Thurlby are now real people, who lived in the village with their families, who grew up in the village, attended school,church and chapel here and  whose terrible loss effected many.

For detail see tab – The men who didn’t return- WW1

View the Roll of Honour film presentation here


Thank you to all who visited our exhibition, we had a great weekend, with lots of research being carried out on our registers and lots of interest in our WW1 Research.

See new information now posted

Memorial Roll WW1  and The men who didn’t return WW1

IMG_8087  IMG_8085IMG_8090 IMG_8094

2 Responses to WELCOME TO OUR VILLAGE…….

  1. janet hopewelll says:

    Just spent the day at the church looking at the photos and WW1 stories. A big thank you to all who organised it and the Lincs family history society and church for providing records and information. Lovely tea and sandwiches at the Hall as well, brilliant.

    • stfirmin says:

      Hi Janet
      Thank you its lovely to hear from you,so pleased you enjoyed it – we had a great weekend with lots of lovely comments. All the information for the exhibition was from our research group in the village. Janet our Vicar wanted to research the WW1 Memorial and so she formed a group to do so, we have all been working since April to find out about the “men behind the names” – this is ongoing. The lovely old registers dating back to 1560 were recalled by St Firmin’s Church, from Lincolnshire Archives, just for the weekend.

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